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I found my waist!

I never thought I would see my waist line again! It’s probably been 5 years or more that I thought I would have to settle for the 3-months permanent pregnancy look. But without ever crunching a muscle or getting on the floor I have lost 5 1/2” off my waist and my core is strong and now supports a flat stomach! The fun is only 10 minutes a day, but the incredible rewards is ever lasting! Thanks, Amber for your Amazing Fitness Hula Hoops.

Hugs from a Happy Hooper in Wichita, KS

Amazing Hoops with Mollie Rose

This young lady wanted to lose a few pounds and joined Weight Watchers and got into Fitness Hooping and got the results she wanted. Mollie demonstrates just how Easy and Fun hooping can be while getting a TOTAL body workout! Amazing Fitness Hoops are not your normal hula hoops in anyway. As one sales rep. from Whamo said, “Amazing Fitness Hoops are the Ferrari of all the Hoops.” They are much Easier and Effective because they are Padded for Comfort and Weighted for Results.

Choose your favorite color and “Get into your GROOVE and MOVE” with the best Cardio-Core Workout, while improving your circulation, coordination, balance, and posture all at the same time!

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(Mollie’s is Miami, Florida in open colorful places)

Plenty of People Hoop!

Fitness Hooping is for EVERYONE! Whether you’re a junior or a senior, man, woman or child, whether you 8 or 80, you can join the thousands of Happy Hoopers out there having FUN. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete you will be Amazed at the results you can achieve.

Put on your Favorite music and create your own routine. Hoop It Up while watching your favorite TV show and never leave the house. Take it with you to your favorite park and enjoy the outdoors.

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Amazing Hoops Testimonials

Why are so many people sharing their own personal testimonies??
Because Fitness Hooping is not a fad or gimmick ... IT WORKS!

Join the 3 generation of Hoopers.. from Grandma to Mom to Daughter …from Grandpa to Dad to Son. You can do it!!! Feel good and relieve stress while losing inches and targeting problem areas such as the stomach, back fat and triceps. Maybe you’ve never been able to hula hoop or think of it as a past memory ... you can with Amazing Fitness Hoops. Fitness Hooping is for the Beginner as well as the Advanced Athlete including: basketball, football and soccer players, runners, body builders, gymnasts, golfers, martial artists, horse riders, etc. Everyone is Amazed at the core strength fitness hooping gives while helping give flexibility through the mid section.

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