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Get Into Your Groove And Move

Hi, I’m Amber, and as a personal trainer and runner, I believe proper exercise can empower and energize everyone to take on the day and take on life. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight, improve posture, increase flexibility or build self-esteem, EXERCISING, is the key to help you reach your goals. I say, “Get into Your Groove and Move!” I have tried many different types of exercises, but I knew I found my Favorite when I started Fitness Hooping. One month of Fitness Hooping did more for my core and waistline than 25 years of running. Even though I still run, I can’t live without my Hoop! I couldn’t believe the tightening effect hooping had on my stomach and abs! I got definition in my abs I never had. I finally found what I needed for those problem areas.

As a child, I could never hula-hoop. It looked like so much FUN! Finally, when I tried a weighted hoop with water I was able to keep it going on my first try. It was the centrifugal force of the water gyrating around my waist that helped quickly stabilize the hoop. Here I was, in my 40’s, and I’m hooping for the first time. WOW!! However, it didn’t take me long to realize from my own experience and comments from clients that the fitness hoop was too hard and needed some padding for COMFORT! I came up with a design to thickly pad the hard hoop for ease and comfort. With a patent pending design, hoopers everywhere describe the Amazing Fitness Hoops as a “Day and Night” difference from the hard hoops. My goal is to get America back to hooping with the same Excitement Hula-Hooping was in the 50’s but with better results using the Padded and Weighted Amazing Fitness Hoops!

I love seeing my whole family involved in hooping. My husband continues to be amazed at how fun and easy the hoop is and how it works his stomach muscles without getting on the ground. My eleven year old daughter and I had a blast doing a Fun Run and hooping the whole way. My eight year old son just goes Crazy with his hoop and exhausts me just watching his speed. After doing a survey at an elementary school, I found 39 out of 50 children preferred the kid’s Amazing Fitness Hoops over the lightweight plastic hula-hoops because they were easier to keep up and they could hoop for a longer period of time.

I encourage everyone find an exercise that they enjoy and stick to it. Exercise can’t just be an achievement; it has to be a way of life. Find an exercise that is FUN, and you will be more likely to stick to it. Give Fitness Hooping a Try and be Prepared to be Amazed!!