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Why Should I Hoop?
How Do I Hoop?
Who Hoops Anyways?

Fitness Benefits

  • Lose 2-4 Inches a Month
  • Strengthens Abdominals, Trims Tummy
  • Shapes the Waist
  • Builds Core Strength
  • Burns Fat and Speeds Weight Loss
  • Sculpts Thighs and Buttocks
  • Enhances Dexterity
  • Stimulates Cardio Workout
  • Unwinds the Spine with Pelvic Rocking
  • Relieves Stress, Releases Endorphins
  • Improves Posture
  • Little or No Impact on Joints

Welcome to the EXCITING New Sensation of

Amazing Fitness Hoops ®

First, you may have tried the cheap, lightweight, plastic hula-hoops that are way too light to keep up. Next, you may have tried the skinny, hard Hoop or the Hoop with the ridges on the inside. Then, you know the bruising and extreme soreness that they can cause...OUCH!! Through our own experience, we quickly learned that we had to design a Fitness Hoop that was soft and comfortable, one that you would look forward to using everyday! With a patent pending, we are proud to manufacture and sell the MOST COMFORTABLE HOOP MADE! And don't be fooled by the Fitness Hoops you put together yourself, they can be frustrating, messy and many times too hard to assemble. Ours are fully assembled, ready to use for IMMEDIATE RESULTS!

We have the latest Fitness Hoops and we call them the "AMAZING HOOPS" for good reasons. Order your Weighted Fitness Hoops today and start HOOPING IT UP!! You will be AMAZED at the Cardio-Core Workout and Results that these Fitness Hoops will give you ----- A Total Body Workout in Under 15 Minutes!! FAST, FUN & EASY!!!!

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